Your key to unlock new digital services for your customers

Your key to unlocking new digital services for your customers pingNpay is building a global small value payments network. country by country. It provides a new category of frequent, low-value payments, especially those below £20/$20/€20 down even to pennies, allowing retailers and eCommerce providers to unlock new services that would be uneconomic using traditional payment systems such as card networks.   

Moatless payments

pingNpay is open to all. Unlike most other payment systems, it is permissionless to access, flexible to innovate, and available to everyone, everywhere.  

Making blockchain a reality for retailers and consumers

pingNpay brings the power of blockchain using regulatory-compliant e-money tokens (aka stablecoins) to eCommerce. Enabling very low-cost transactions leads to viable low-value payments for retailers to exploit by offering their customers frequent, low-cost services. 

2022 – The Year of Micropayments

pingNpay is piloting the network in Q1 2022 with a plan to launch in the UK later in 2022. Other countries will follow in quick succession.

about pingNpay

pingNpay is the brainchild of payment industry veterans Richard Bell and Jeremy Light of Fourdotzero. Both cut their teeth scaling blockchain payments at Ripple, the Silicon Valley company building a global cross-border payments network using blockchain technology and a digital asset. Bell specialises in bringing new product innovations to market, including at Visa, Santander and Vodafone, and Light formerly led Accenture’s payment consulting business in Europe for many years, advising some of the biggest banks and processors in the sector. 

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